> Preview DVD ‘Legionella…. is alive!’
The DVD, which is available both in Dutch and with English subtitles, can be ordered for €10 (including postage). Read more >

Preview DVD ‘Legionella…. is alive!’


Boek & DVD> Book & DVD
Stichting Veteranenziekte (Legionnaires’ Disease Foundation) has published a book and a DVD (with English subtitles).


> Origin
Why was the Foundation established? Stichting Veteranenziekte (Legionnaires’ Disease Foundation), formerly known as Stichting Flora Veteranenziekte, was set up after the world’s biggest outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in March 1999. Read more >


> Symptoms
What is Legionnaires’ disease? The disease is caused by the legionella bacteria and takes various forms.
Read more >


> Tips for when at home
The risk of being infected can be decreased by taking the following precautions. Make sure you save these guidelines! Read more >


> 42 questions on Legionnaires’ disease
In addition to this information the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment have published a brochure for the public containing the 25 most frequently questions on Legionnaires’ disease. Read more >